In June of this year, past and present MAND board members met at Shelby Farms Park to discuss upcoming events. Pictured (LtoR, back row: M. Tyler, T. Bruen, K. O’Bar, R. Bennett, E. Han, K. Cabrera, L. Weaver; LtoR, front row: S. Turnage, H. Hill, S. Gardner, J. Mabry)

Welcome to the Memphis Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (MAND) and its website.  MAND cannot thrive without your help.  You are the reason why MAND is so successful every year.  The diversity and nutrition-related knowledge that you bring to this organization is what make MAND unique.  For individuals that have remained a member, I want to personally thank you for your continued support, especially after a year of COVID.  If you have not reapplied for MAND yet, I want to encourage you to rejoin.  Please click here.

And for individuals who are new to MAND, I want to welcome you. 

Together, we will help you grow in your profession.  Our organization consists of Registered Dietitians/Nutritionists; Dietetic Technicians, Registered; Dietetic interns; graduates; teachers; and students.        

Traditionally, the previous MAND board members have been comprised of experts in their field of work.  This year is no exception.  The MAND board is comprised of individuals who work in a variety of nutrition-related areas (community, clinical, universities).  Collectively, the MAND board has been hard at work planning for different events (networking, fundraising for its scholarships, continuing education) this upcoming year.

MAND 2021 – 2022 Elected and Appointed Board Members

Past President: Hannah Hill
President: Eddie Han
President-Elect: Tracy Bruen
Treasurer:  Katie O’Bar
Secretary:  Montana Bryan
CPI Chair:  Hannah Peters
CPI Elect:  Olivia Kramer
Nominating Chair:  Samantha Turnage
Nominating Chair Elect:  Leslie Ely
Nominating Committee Member:  Madison Tyler
Public Policy Coordinator:  Kathy Cabrera
Marketing/Social Media:  Racheal Bennett
Awards/Scholarships:  Megan Partacz
Fundraising:  Laura Weaver
Historian:  Candace Walker
Membership:  Samantha Gardner 

New this year is the ability to opt-in for text alerts.  You will be able to receive notifications of CEU events, social gatherings, and MAND events/ parties (date, time, location).  Also new will be our monthly giveaways.  You can win gift cards, free membership for next year, free entry to future MAND events, etc. So please follow our social media pages (Instagram:  @EatrightMemphis, Facebook Page:  @Memphis Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) to learn more about it.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out at any time.  You are able to contact us directly by going to our “Contact Us” page here.

I hope to see you at a future MAND event, and if you see me, please do not hesitate to say “Hello.”

Thank you,

Eddie Han, MS, RD, LDN, CLC

2021-2022 MAND President