About Us

On behalf of the board, welcome to the Memphis Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics website!

The Memphis Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (MAND) organization exemplifies a place for Registered Dietitians/Nutritionists, Dietetic Technicians Registered, dietetic interns and students to find a community that drives its members to promote health and well-being through food and nutrition for all Memphians.  MAND members are the food and nutrition experts that work throughout Shelby county and outlying areas who are also members of our affiliate, the Tennessee Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and our national organization, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

The MAND board is comprised of nutrition leaders from a variety of facilities and settings within our own Memphis community. The board is actively at work to bring variety of ideas and opportunities to our organization that promote its members. Networking opportunities, continuing education events, and resources to grow the nutrition professional will all be available to members –  as president I am already thrilled to see what we can achieve for our members this upcoming year!

MAND 2019-2020 elected and appointed board members

  • Past President: Sara Foley
  • President: Angie Wallick
  • President – Elect: Hannah Hill
  • Treasurer: Suzanne Bowen
  • Secretary: Laura Weaver
  • CPI Chair: Michelle Cunningham
  • CPI Elect: Nichole Reed
  • Nominating Chair: Kaitlyn Philipps
  • Nominating Chair Elect: Ellen Denning
  • Nominating Committee Member: Emily Abbot
  • Public Policy Coordinator: Lauren Steel
  • Marketing/Social Media: Leslie Ely
  • Awards/Scholarships: Laura Prince
  • Fundraising: Hannah Peters
  • Historian: Casey Provo
  • Membership: Katie O’bar

MAND continues to be a forward thinking and a highly energized district within the state of Tennessee.  We have many willing volunteers and outstanding RDNs/DTRs/Interns/students that keep pushing the limits of our profession.  It’s a great time to be a member of the MAND organization to allow connection, mentorship and growth for us as professionals.

Looking forward to a wonderful year!

Angie Wallick,  MS, RDN, CSR, LDN, CEDRD                                                                            2019-2020 MAND President